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Orange arrow Should I get padded underwear or a butt bra?

  Padded Underwear is best for customers who: Want a more dramatic or noticeable boosting effect Have a flat or droopy booty that needs padding to "round-out" or create shape that isn't already there See all Padded underwear with built-in pads See all Padded underwear with removab...
Orange arrow What is the difference between the Foxy Fanny Drop Silicone Padded Panty and the Foxy Fanny Original Padded Panty?

  These two styles are similar because they both: Include the same popular Foxy Fanny pocket-panty Ship with 2 sets of booty pads (one set of silicone and one set of foam) These two styles are different because: The Foxy Fanny ORIGINAL Padded Panty ships with our Clear Round Silicone Butt P...
Orange arrow What's the difference between the Pin-up and the Hotcakes?

  While these 2 styles may look similar in pictures there are many major differences that set them apart: HOTCAKES Padded Panty Pin-up Padded Panty Lowrise boyshort featuring polygon-shaped booty pads. Lowrise boyshort featuring polygon-shaped booty pads ...
Orange arrow What is your most popular Booty Lifter (products without padding)?

  Our booty-lifting body shapers are undergarments that lift and shape without padding. Our Booty Lifters come in two main categories. Below is a list of our bestsellers in each category: Booty Lifters (Lifting without padding, cheeks covered) Pick-Me-Up Latex Boxer Bella Bottom Shaping Tigh...
Orange arrow Should I get Padded Underwear, or a Booty Lifter/Butt Bra without padding?

  Padded panties are recommended for those who: Want a more dramatic boost. Have a flat bottom. Wish to get a curvier look. Have a gravity-stricken derriere due to age, child-birth, weight-loss, etc. Booty Lifters or Butt Bras (products that lift without padding) are recommended for thos...
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Orange arrow Can I buy booty pads without the pocket-panties?

  Yes! Most of our padding can be purchased separately for the convenience of our customers who have already purchased our pocket-panties and need replacement or different padding options. Please visit our "Booty and Hip Pads" page for all available options. Please note that not all panties work...
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Orange arrow I need a booty boost! Where do I start?

  Many of our new customers are recommended by current customers or just stumble upon our website. For those who didn't even know that all our booty-boosting products even existed, choosing one can be daunting. And as the leader in curve-enhancing shapewear development and design, we have hundreds of...

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