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Orange arrow What is the difference between the Bootiful Full-back Padded Panty, Bootiful Original Padded Panty and the BubblesBuns Padded Boyshort?

  These three styles are similar in that they are lowrise padded panties with removable booty padding. But of course there are some notable differences! Here are the main features that set these three styles apart: Bootiful Full-back Padded Panty: Bootiful Original Padded Panty: BubbleBun...
Orange arrow What is the difference between the Foxy Fanny Drop Silicone Padded Panty and the Foxy Fanny Original Padded Panty?

  These two styles are similar because they both: Include the same popular Foxy Fanny pocket-panty Ship with 2 sets of booty pads (one set of silicone and one set of foam) These two styles are different because: The Foxy Fanny ORIGINAL Padded Panty ships with our Clear Round Silicone Butt P...
Orange arrow What do I buy if I want Hip Pads / Padding?

  Bubbles Bodywear offers 5 styles of padding that enhance the hips: The Glamour Gal Silicone Hip and Butt Padded Shaper – Mid-thigh Midrise Powernet body shaper with silicone hip-to-butt pads: Bombshell Lowrise Hip/Bu...
Orange arrow I want butt boosting and waist cinching. What are my options?

  For a butt boost and waist cinching, we have a built-in booty pad (non-customizeable) option and removable booty pads suggestions... BUILT-IN BOOTY PADS: Our Caboost with Waist Cincher features thick built-in booty pads and an attached waist slimming band attached to the panty. REMOVABLE BOOTY ...
Orange arrow I want the biggest booty I can get! What products should I consider?

  PANTIES WITH BUILT-IN PADDING: For built-in padding we recommend the Caboost! Midrise Padded Panties for the biggest booty boost. This padded panty gives the illusion of about 2 inches of boost and will enhance all the way from hip to hip giving the illusion of dramatic volume. Also best for those ...
Orange arrow What is your bestselling Padded Panty?

  To find current padded underwear bestsellers, look for the icon on our "Padded Panties" page. Our long-time bestsellers include: Bubblebuns Boyshorts Bootiful Boyshorts Foxy Fanny Silicone Padded Panty Bombshell Hip and Butt Padded Boyshort...
Orange arrow What's the difference between built-in booty pads and removable padding?

  Below are 2 charts detailing the main differences between padded panties with built-in pads and those with removable padding: Panties with Removable Booty Pads Most people prefer removable padding because it is a very versatile and economical option. For example, customer...
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Orange arrow Do you have a chart of lowrise, midwaist & hi-rise padded underwear styles?

  Yes! Please see below... Panty Product Name/Link Lowrise Midrise Hirise The Can-Can Extreme-Comfort Padded panty Behind The Seams Midrise Behind The Seams Highrise Retro Diamond Padded Underwear ** Retro Lac...
Orange arrow What is the difference between the Bootiful Boyshorts and the Bubblebuns Boyshorts?

  These are two of our best-selling boyshorts! The main difference is that the Bootiful Boyshorts have no elastic at the leg opening, providing a seamless, no panty line look under tight-fitting clothing. They are also great for us girls with fuller thighs. The BubbleBuns have elastic at the leg ope...
Orange arrow Which Bubbles Pocket-Panties support the weight of silicone butt padding?

  If you already have a pair of our Feel Real Traditional Silicone Butt Pads or our FEEL REAL Clear Silicone Jiggly Butt Pads - or you just want to buy your pocket-panty and booty pads separately, Bubbles is the only brand that offers the opportunity to do so! But please keep in mind that not all po...
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Orange arrow What's the difference between the Pin-up and the Hotcakes?

  While these 2 styles may look similar in pictures there are many major differences that set them apart: HOTCAKES Padded Panty Pin-up Padded Panty Lowrise boyshort featuring polygon-shaped booty pads. Lowrise boyshort featuring polygon-shaped booty pads ...
Orange arrow What are the thinnest booty pads you make?

  The thinnest pads we make are the pads that are design for, and sold with, the Fancy Fanny Padded Panty. Pads are approximately 1/4" thick. These cloth-covered thin pads can also be purchased separately. Please note that these pads must be worn with a pocket panty to keep the pads in place. For a...
Orange arrow How do I put the Hip-to-Butt Padding into the Hipee or Glamour Gal Pocket-Panty?

  This video, while using te Hipee to demonstrate, also applies to a similar style: The Glamour Gal Hip-to-Butt Silicone Padded Panty....
Orange arrow What's the difference between Clear Jiggly Silicone and Lightweight Silcione?

  SIMILARITIES Both the Feel Real Clear Silicone Booty Pads and the Feel Real Lightweight Silicone Booty Pads... Feel real to the touch. We offer the same sizes in both styles ranging from X-Small to 5XL. DIFFERENCES The Premium Clear Silicone Pads... Are squishy and the most jiggl...
Orange arrow Should I get Padded Underwear, or a Booty Lifter/Butt Bra without padding?

  Padded panties are recommended for those who: Want a more dramatic boost. Have a flat bottom. Wish to get a curvier look. Have a gravity-stricken derriere due to age, child-birth, weight-loss, etc. Booty Lifters or Butt Bras (products that lift without padding) are recommended for thos...
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