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Category: Butt Lifters (Lift without padding)
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Orange arrow What’s the difference between the Double-O Push-up Brief LITE, Seamless Double-O & Double-O Tummy Tucker?

  These 3 items may look similar in the photos on our website, but they are 3 distinctive styles that offer different advantages: Double-O Push-up Brief LITE Double-O Seamless Short Double-O Tummy Tucker Mesh-like fabric that is very stretchy and comfy. Seamless stretchy fabric with mo...
Orange arrow I want butt boosting and waist cinching. What are my options?

  For a butt boost and waist cinching, we have a built-in booty pad (non-customizeable) option and removable booty pads suggestions... BUILT-IN BOOTY PADS: Our Caboost with Waist Cincher features thick built-in booty pads and an attached waist slimming band attached to the panty. REMOVABLE BOOTY ...
Orange arrow What is your most popular Booty Lifter (products without padding)?

  Our booty-lifting body shapers are undergarments that lift and shape without padding. Our Booty Lifters come in two main categories. Below is a list of our bestsellers in each category: Booty Lifters (Lifting without padding, cheeks covered) Pick-Me-Up Latex Boxer Bella Bottom Shaping Tigh...
Orange arrow Should I get Padded Underwear, or a Booty Lifter/Butt Bra without padding?

  Padded panties are recommended for those who: Want a more dramatic boost. Have a flat bottom. Wish to get a curvier look. Have a gravity-stricken derriere due to age, child-birth, weight-loss, etc. Booty Lifters or Butt Bras (products that lift without padding) are recommended for thos...
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Orange arrow What is the difference between the Pick-Me-Up and the Double-O Collections?

  The main difference between these two styles is that the Double-O style leaves the cheeks uncovered while The Pick-Me-Up Collection features a thin layer of fabric that covers the cheeks. Both styles lift the backside without padding. DOUBLE-O:The Double-O Collection include panties, briefs and fu...
Orange arrow Are the effects permanent if I use the Booty Lifters or Butt Bras daily?

  Our Double-O, Pick-Me-Up and Butt Boosters Collections will give you a great boost while you are wearing them. But these products will not create a permanent lift or change to your body....

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