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Orange arrow What is the difference between the Foxy Fanny Drop Silicone Padded Panty and the Foxy Fanny Original Padded Panty?

  These two styles are similar because they both: Include the same popular Foxy Fanny pocket-panty Ship with 2 sets of booty pads (one set of silicone and one set of foam) These two styles are different because: The Foxy Fanny ORIGINAL Padded Panty ships with our Clear Round Silicone Butt P...
Orange arrow Can I wear the booty pads in my own underwear?

  YES! The important thing to remember is that Bubbles offers two main types of padding... Bubbles offers padding that is designed to fit and be worn inside a Bubbles' pocket-panty. These are the pads that are shipped with our panty/pad sets (which can be viewed on our PADDED PANTIES Collection pa...
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Orange arrow What do I buy if I want Hip Pads / Padding?

  Bubbles Bodywear offers 5 styles of padding that enhance the hips: The Glamour Gal Silicone Hip and Butt Padded Shaper – Mid-thigh Midrise Powernet body shaper with silicone hip-to-butt pads: Bombshell Lowrise Hip/Bu...
Orange arrow How thick are the FEEL REAL Clear Silicone Pads?

  The Feel Real Clear Silicone Pads range from about 7/8" to 2 1/4" inches in thickness, depending on pad size. For example, Small pads will have a smaller thickness than the XX-Large pads. EXCLUSIVE: Anything larger than Bubbles' XL size you won't find anywhere else! See size chart below... Diamet...
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Orange arrow Should I get silicone or foam padding?

  The foam and the silicone butt pads will give the same "look" but the silicone is more real to the touch (if someone were to pat you on the behind).Here are some of the main differences: -The silicone is heavier but foam is very lightweight. -Foam pads come in different colors and thicknesses and...
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Orange arrow I want the biggest booty I can get! What products should I consider?

  PANTIES WITH BUILT-IN PADDING: For built-in padding we recommend the Caboost! Midrise Padded Panties for the biggest booty boost. This padded panty gives the illusion of about 2 inches of boost and will enhance all the way from hip to hip giving the illusion of dramatic volume. Also best for those ...
Orange arrow What are the measurements of the FEEL REAL Oblong Silicone Pad?

  The pads are approximately 7 inches tall by 5 inches wide. Pads are approximately ¾ of an inch thick. This pad style will provide a subtle boost and can be used to enhance the butt or the hip area. This pad style is available in sizes "A" and "B". Please note that pad thickness is an appr...
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Orange arrow What's the difference between built-in booty pads and removable padding?

  Below are 2 charts detailing the main differences between padded panties with built-in pads and those with removable padding: Panties with Removable Booty Pads Most people prefer removable padding because it is a very versatile and economical option. For example, customer...
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Orange arrow Which Bubbles Pocket-Panties support the weight of silicone butt padding?

  If you already have a pair of our Feel Real Traditional Silicone Butt Pads or our FEEL REAL Clear Silicone Jiggly Butt Pads - or you just want to buy your pocket-panty and booty pads separately, Bubbles is the only brand that offers the opportunity to do so! But please keep in mind that not all po...
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Orange arrow Do you sell the polygon booty pads separately?

  Yes! We do sell our exclusive patent-pending foam polygon pads separately upon request. Please give us a call at 800-401-5811 to purchase a replacement set of the polygon pads....
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Orange arrow Can I buy the Pads for the Bubbles Beach Bikini separately?

  Yes! The Beach Bubbles Padded Bikini is currently offered as separates (bottom and top are sold separately). Sorry but pads are not sold separately. Click this link to view or buy the: Beach Bubbles Padded Bikini....
Orange arrow What panties are recommended for the FEEL REAL Clear Silicone Pads?

  The Feel Real Silicone Booty Pads can be paired with several styles of Bubbles' pocket-panties. Please find a list of these pocket-panties on the Clear Pads product page. If you do not already have the panties to hold these pads in place, we recommned the more economical option of buying a panty/...
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Orange arrow How thick are the round FEEL REAL Lite Foaming Silicone Pads?

  These Lightweight Silicone Pads increase in thickness from X-Small to 4X/5X and range from approximatley 1/2 inch thick to about 2 inches thick. Pads get thicker and wider as the size increases. For example, Medium pads will have a smaller thickness than X-Large pads. Shopping tip: There is a smal...
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Orange arrow How thick are the round FEEL REAL Traditional Silicone Pads?

  Pads range from about 2/3" to 1" in thickness, depending on size. For example, Medium pads will have a smaller diameter and thickness than the XX-Large pads. NEW 4XL/5XL Size! Our new 4X/5X is wider in diameter than the 3XL pad sizes (and thicker than the 3XL also)! See diameter details below... ...
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Orange arrow Can I buy booty pads without the pocket-panties?

  Yes! Most of our padding can be purchased separately for the convenience of our customers who have already purchased our pocket-panties and need replacement or different padding options. Please visit our "Booty and Hip Pads" page for all available options. Please note that not all panties work...
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