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Orange arrow Do you have videos showing your products?

  Yes! Please visit our Bubbles' YouTube Channel for product demonstration videos, Bubbles in the media and Before and After product comparisons. Channel Homepage: Padded Underwear Styles Playlist:
Orange arrow Should I get padded underwear or a butt bra?

  Padded Underwear is best for customers who: Want a more dramatic or noticeable boosting effect Have a flat or droopy booty that needs padding to "round-out" or create shape that isn't already there See all Padded underwear with built-in pads See all Padded underwear with removab...
Orange arrow What is the difference between the Bootiful Full-back Padded Panty, Bootiful Original Padded Panty and the BubblesBuns Padded Boyshort?

  These three styles are similar in that they are lowrise padded panties with removable booty padding. But of course there are some notable differences! Here are the main features that set these three styles apart: Bootiful Full-back Padded Panty: Bootiful Original Padded Panty: BubbleBun...
Orange arrow What booty booster should I buy to avoid a panty line?

  Bubbles offers many rear-enhancing underwear styles designed specifically to disappear and show no lines under tight clothes, bodycon dresses or just about any snug-fitting clothing. These sleek and sexy styles are incredibly popular with brides and bridesmaids, and are especially ideal under trump...
Orange arrow What's the difference between Clear Jiggly Silicone and Lightweight Silcione?

  SIMILARITIES Both the Feel Real Clear Silicone Booty Pads and the Feel Real Lightweight Silicone Booty Pads... Feel real to the touch. We offer the same sizes in both styles ranging from X-Small to 5XL. DIFFERENCES The Premium Clear Silicone Pads... Are squishy and the most jiggl...
Orange arrow Do you sell the polygon booty pads separately?

  Yes! We do sell our exclusive patent-pending foam polygon pads separately upon request. Please give us a call at 800-401-5811 to purchase a replacement set of the polygon pads....
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Orange arrow Which Bubbles Pocket-Panties support the weight of silicone butt padding?

  If you already have a pair of our Feel Real Traditional Silicone Butt Pads or our FEEL REAL Clear Silicone Jiggly Butt Pads - or you just want to buy your pocket-panty and booty pads separately, Bubbles is the only brand that offers the opportunity to do so! But please keep in mind that not all po...
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Orange arrow Do you sell a bathing suit or booty padding for swimming?

  Yes! After two long years of development perfecting a unique and first-of-its-kind padded bikini, we are proud to introduce the first-ever padded bikini bottom that can be worn in the water without pad detection. This patent-pending design is truly a breakthrough in enhancing apparel featuring wate...
Orange arrow How Do I Care for My Padding?

  There are two main materials used to make our padding for underwear, SILICONE and FOAM... SILICONE:Recommendations for care include: Silicone padding should be kept away from sources of heat and sharp objects. Silicone pads cannot be put in the washer or dryer. Do not tamper with the outer "s...
Orange arrow How do I care for my Bubbles Undergaments?

  All Bubbles products have care instructions printed on the tags inside the garment or printed on the product's package. But if you no longer have the packaging, or you perhaps cut the tags out of the garment, here are a few general tips for caring for your Bubbles shapewear. To ensure the longest-...
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Orange arrow What undergarment do you recommend for a droopy bottom?

  The items linked below are very popular with our customers who are addressing the gravity-stricken or “droopy-butt syndrome”! For a saggy or post-baby butt, we recommend the following styles: PADDED: Foxy Fanny Silicone Padded Panty The Victorian Padded Bodysuit NON-PADDED - For th...
Orange arrow Do you offer any products for pregnancy?

  Yes! We offer specific products for maternity and post-partum needs (linked below). We have alos had a long-time following of customers who wear our padded panties during pregnancy to alleviate many of the discomforts caused by pregnancy, as well as providing comfort while their bodies heal after ...
Orange arrow I think my product is defective. What do I do?

  Shop with confidence knowing that Bubbles Bodywear stands behind our quality. While we have several levels of Quality Control inspections and testing, occasionally and unfortunately a defective product may reach the customer. If there is a problem with the quality of your purchase, please contact ...
Orange arrow Can I buy the Pads for the Bubbles Beach Bikini separately?

  Yes! The Beach Bubbles Padded Bikini is currently offered as separates (bottom and top are sold separately). Sorry but pads are not sold separately. Click this link to view or buy the: Beach Bubbles Padded Bikini....
Orange arrow I need a booty boost! Where do I start?

  Many of our new customers are recommended by current customers or just stumble upon our website. For those who didn't even know that all our booty-boosting products even existed, choosing one can be daunting. And as the leader in curve-enhancing shapewear development and design, we have hundreds of...

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