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Caring for your Pads

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How Do I Care for My Padding?


There are two main materials used to make our padding for underwear, SILICONE and FOAM...


Recommendations for care include:

  1. Silicone padding should be kept away from sources of heat and sharp objects.
  2. Silicone pads cannot be put in the washer or dryer.
  3. Do not tamper with the outer "skin" of the pad. This is what holds the silicone pad shape.


Recommendations for care include:

  1. Insert and remove from pocket-panties gently, to avoid ripping or damaging the pad edges.
  2. Pads should not be put in the washer or dryer. To clean, gently squeeze warm water with gentle soap through the pad. Rinse. Lay flat to dry.
  3. Keep away from pets! We've heard that dogs in particular LOVE to play with foam pads!


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