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Using Our Pads in Your Own Underwear

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Can I wear the booty pads in my own underwear?


YES! The important thing to remember is that Bubbles offers two main types of padding...

  1. Bubbles offers padding that is designed to fit and be worn inside a Bubbles' pocket-panty. These are the pads that are shipped with our panty/pad sets (which can be viewed on our PADDED PANTIES Collection page). These pads can also be purchased separatley when replacement pads are needed for your Bubbles pocket panties.

  2. Bubbles also offers our STICKY BUNS Collection which can be worn in your own underwear or shapewear. STICKY BUNS have a self-adhesive layer on one side of the pads which stick to the inside of your underwear or outer garment (like snug-fitting jeans or pants). Our Sticky Buns Collecton includes padding for the backside and/or the hips. View our STICKY BUNS Collection.



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