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Return AND Exchange in the Same Order

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I need to Return one item and Exchange another item I bought. What do I do?


A Return and an Exchange are treated almost the same way when we receive return packages. So if you need to do both, just fill out the Returns/Exchanges section on Packing Slip enclosed with your order.

  1. Complete Section 1. by listing the items that you are sending back to us.

  2. Complete the Section 2. by listing the items that you want us to ship you in exchange.

  3. If the new merchandise is priced higher and funds are due on the exchange, include payment information on the paperwork. A check or money order may also be sent.

  4. If you are unsure about product pricing and whether or not funds will be due to you or to us, just write "Please Call Me" on the invoice and one of our friendly Customer Service Specialists will contact you after your Return/Exchange is received.

  5. If you will be due a refund, these funds will be returned to your original form of payment (you will receive an email when the credit is issued).

If you lost your invoice, just make sure to include a piece of paper in your return package that details what you would like us to do with your returned items. Your name and/or order number and a phone number should be included as well.

For more information about returning your purchase, please view our Returns and Exchanges page.

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