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Emails Not Received (Didn't Get Order or Shipment Confirmation Emails)

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Why haven't I received my order or shipment confirmation?


Bubbles Bodywear sends an email to the BILLING email address on each order, at the following points in the order process:

  1. At the completion of every order
  2. When an item ships
  3. If a credit is issued

If no email has been received it may be due to a few possible problems:

  1. Unfortunately these automatically generated emails can be wrongly sent to junk or spam folders. If you do not see any of these emails in your Inbox, please check one of these other folders. To avoid this problem in the future, please add service[@] to your address book.

  2. If you still cannot find the emails, there may be a typo in the email address on your account. Please call 800-401-5811 to check to make sure that we have the correct  email address on file for you.

  3. Just contact us at 800-401-5811 and one of our friendly service representatives will give you your tracking or order information by phone. 


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