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Order Delivered But Customer Does Not Have It

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Tracking says my order was delivered but I didn't get it!


There are several reasons why a package may be scanned as delivered but the customer does not have it in their possession.

We recommend investigating the following avenues (that apply to your address) to locate your package:

  • Check by your side or back doors (or in any secure areas like garages or porches) where the delivery driver may have left the package.
  • Check with your apartment complex office to see if they have the package.
  • Check with member of your household (family or roommates).
  • Ask neighbors if the package was left with them.
  • Ask your postman to help locate the whereabouts of your package.
  • Check at your local post office to see if they can help find the package (bring your tracking number with you).

If all else fails, contact us at 800-401-5811 and we will assist in locating your shipment!

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