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Duties or Taxes on International Shipments

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I am shipping outside the US. Will I be charged duties or taxes?



Duties and/or other taxes like VAT may be due at the time your package is delivered or picked up at your local post office. These taxes are usually determined by the declared merchandise value on the customs documentation that we include with your shipment.

Please note that customer is responsible for the import duties and taxes. We recommend that you contact your local customs office to verify fees and regulations. Sorry but we cannot be responsible for customs delays!

View our Tax and Duties page for a more detailed explanation on fees.

Consumer alert! Beware of websites that claim that you do not have to pay duty or taxes! This is misinformation designed to get you to place orders. The truth is that exporting companies (like Bubbles Bodywear and other online retailers in the U.S.) have no control over what happens at customs offices around the world, where your order will be processed, before reaching your address.

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