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Shapewear for a Droopy Bottom

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What undergarment do you recommend for a droopy bottom?


The items linked below are very popular with our customers who are addressing the gravity-stricken or “droopy-butt syndrome”!

For a saggy or post-baby butt, we recommend the following styles:


Foxy Fanny Silicone Padded Panty

The Victorian Padded Bodysuit

NON-PADDED - For those who do not want padded underwear, we recommend our Pick-Me-Up Collection which consists of shapewear styles that are designed to lift and sculpt the backside. Here are a few of the bestsellers in this Collection:

Pick-Me-Up™ Victorian Bodysuit

Rear-Lifting Highwaist Control Panty

Pick-Me-Up Boxer


WHAT TO AVOID: The Double-O Collection. Droopy booties need a structural lift which is not provided by the Double-O Collection. While these products may still create a nice look under clothing, a droopy booty may just hang over the edge of the "Double-O"s :(

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