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Thickness of the FEEL REAL Lite Foaming Silicone Pads

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How thick are the round FEEL REAL Lite Foaming Silicone Pads?


These Lightweight Silicone Pads increase in thickness from X-Small to 4X/5X and range from approximatley 1/2 inch thick to about 2 inches thick. Pads get thicker and wider as the size increases. For example, Medium pads will have a smaller thickness than X-Large pads.

Shopping tip: There is a small difference from one size to the next, but skipping-up 2 to 3 sizes will show a noticeable difference in booty enhancing effect (and will still fit into a pocket-panty of a smaller size).


Pad Thickness: Please note that pad thickness is an approximate measurement. Due to the manner in which silicone dries, pools and settles in the factory mold, thickness can vary from batch to batch. For example, a Medium pad from one factory batch may be .8 inches thick but the next batch may yield a Medium pad that is .9 inches thick (this variation is very slight and is not noticeable when worn). We therefore do not do not give the exact thickness measurements of each individual pad size.

*We do our best to provide accurate descriptions of the thickness of our padding and the effects that the padding will provide when worn. But thickness can vary slightly from one factory batch to the next.


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FEEL REAL Lite Silicone Pads (availbale in NUDE and BLACK)


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