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Padded Booty For Swimming

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Do you sell a bathing suit or booty padding for swimming?


Yes! After two long years of development perfecting a unique and first-of-its-kind padded bikini, we are proud to introduce the first-ever padded bikini bottom that can be worn in the water without pad detection. This patent-pending design is truly a breakthrough in enhancing apparel featuring water-resistant swimsuit padding. Click here to view the Bubbles' padded bikini bottom.


Wearing Booty Pads in your own swimsuit:

We don’t recommend wearing our butt pads (design and sold with our padded underwear) inside your own bathing suit as they will likely move around and/or fall out! Our panty padding is also not designed for water use, has not been tested to stand up to chlorine or salt water, and therefore may result in undesirable consequences when wearing the panty padding in water/wet environments.

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