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Thickest Padding for the Biggest Boost

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I want the biggest booty I can get! What products should I consider?



  1. PANTIES WITH BUILT-IN PADDING: For built-in padding we recommend the Caboost! Midrise Padded Panties for the biggest booty boost. This padded panty gives the illusion of about 2 inches of boost and will enhance all the way from hip to hip giving the illusion of dramatic volume. Also best for those with wider hips.

  2. PANTIES WITH REMOVABLE PADS: For those who want a panty with removable padding, it's good to know that many of our padded panty styles have the option to add-on an XL/XXL foam pad which gives about a 3 inch boost! At approximately 3 inches of boost, these are the THICKEST PADS that you can buy anywhere in the world! They can be paired with almost any of our pocket-panties.

    • IF YOU PREFER SILICONE PADS: For the thickest Silicone Pads available on the market today, check out our FEEL REAL Clear Silicone Butt Pads in size 5XL, which are approximately to 2 1/4 inches thick. They fit in many of our specially designed pocket-panties (find a list of these panty styles on the Feel Real Clear Booty Pads product page.

  3. PANTIES THAT PAD THE BUTT AND HIPS: These styles tend to give a much more wide and full look because the padding wraps from the butt to the hips:



Caboost! Midrise Padded Panties

Caboost! Hi-rise Padded Panties with Waist Cincher

Padded Panties with Removable Pads that can be customized with optional Thick Foam or 4X/5X Silicone Padding

The Glamour Gal Silicone Hip-to-Butt Padded Powernet Panty

The Hipee Hip-to-Butt Padded Panty





If you are unsure if the pads you want will fit in the panty style that you like, please Call 800-401-5811 or Chat with us or so that we may assist you.

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