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Products that Pad the Hips

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What do I buy if I want Hip Pads / Padding?


Bubbles Bodywear offers 4 padded underwear styles that pad the hips:

  1. The Glamour Gal Silicone Hip and Butt Padded Shaper – Mid-thigh Midrise Powernet body shaper with silicone hip-to-butt pads:

  2. Bombshell Lowrise Hip/Butt Padded Boyshort - Lowrise boyshort with foam hip-to-butt pads.Optional add-on silicone hip-to-butt pads are available:

  3. The Hipee Hip/Butt Padded Panty - Mid-thigh Midrisestyle with foam hip-to-butt pads. With the add-on thick foam and/or silicone will provide the most noticeable boost:

  4. And last but not least, we offer three styles of “Sticky Buns”. Our Sticky Buns are pads that feature adhesive on one side so that they stick to your clothing/shapewear. This type of adhesive padding can be placed exactly where you need it on your body, worn inside your own undergarments (no special pocket-panties needed):

Style Tip: Underwear that pads both the butt and the hips will give a fuller look than a padded panty style that has only butt pads.



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