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Built-in vs. Removable Booty Padding

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What's the difference between built-in booty pads and removable padding?


Below are 2 charts detailing the main differences between padded panties with built-in pads and those with removable padding:


Panties with Removable Booty Pads

Most people prefer removable padding because it is a very versatile and economical option. For example, customers can buy one pair of underwear to wear with several different types of pads. Or, the other way several pairs of pocket-panties and just one set of pads.  
Versatile. Interchange several different pad styles or thicknesses with one panty style for different looks. While the pads are designed to NOT shift or fall out, some customers want their pads to be molded or sewn into the padded panty.
Easy to wash. Just remove the pads and machine wash, gentle cycle (preferably using a lingerie wash bag for protection) Pads must be removed before washing the panty.
Economical. Buy one pair of panties for every day of the week, but you need only invest in one set of pads that can be inserted and removed from the underwear.  
Realistic. Pads sit on top of each cheek, moving independently from one another, with the natural movement of the body, resulting in a realistic boosting effect.  
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Panties with Built-in Booty Pads

Some people prefer built-in padding because it gives them a feeling of security, knowing that the pads will not shift or fall out. While we assure our customers that the padding does not fall out of our Removable padding selections, it is simply personal preference that leads a person to prefer the built-in padding. 
Pads are securely molded and sewn into the panty. Available only in foam padding. Cannot be made of silicone.
Simple. Just pull on. No messing around with inserting, removing,  positioning or storing your booty pads sets. Should be hand washed to preserve shape and promote long lifecycle.
Most built-in panty styles feature pads that covere the entire backside from hip to hip. This can give a more realistic look for people with wider hips. Depending on the outer garment, some styles may appear "stiff", not shifting with the natural movement of the body.
Find all panties with Built-in padding here:


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