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New Bubbles Customer Needs Help

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I need a booty boost! Where do I start?


Many of our new customers are recommended by current customers or just stumble upon our website. For those who didn't even know that all our booty-boosting products even existed, choosing one can be daunting. And as the leader in curve-enhancing shapewear development and design, we have hundreds of product combination possibilites which can make it even more overwhelming.

So our Owner, Founder and Lead Product Developer Karen Jones wrote a helpful guide for our Bubbles Blog to help assist newbies choose the right product for them.

Read the New Customer Shopping Guide by clicking here.

While our Customer Service Specialists are ready and happy to help by phone or chat, some may be shopping our website outside of our office hours, or may be in a location that doesn't allow them to call (shopping at work ;) !!!). We hope that this guide will help those who can't pick up the phone and ask for immediate assistance.

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